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DC Comics as a ”cool kid”

Batgirl taking a mirror selfie, new Robin with shitlocks on his head… wtf

This girl used to be Oracle, I know DC is trying to get more readers but come on, I like to think of us as a less superficial part of society. 

And new Robin, how is he supposed to have a secret identity with THAT on his head. Bruce and Batman hanging around with some kid with dreadlocks, no biggie right -.-

I wont even mention Wally West, because that is not Wally West. No matter what race you are that decision is wrong.

Constantine is not bisexual. HELL YEAH

Since the demon fighter was introduced in 1985 his sexuality is not a crucial aspect of the character (nearly all of the character’s relationships in the comics have been with women).

Only few authors envisioned Constantine Bi. It will not affect 90% of the stories. Maybe we should be pissed about him not smoking, because Bad Habits won’t be done originally but even that is not a problem.

Point is most of the people here are not even fans of character, they just want to be in your face about gay/bi rights being trashed, but that is not a case here.

Do us a favor, ignore this show, and boycott it by not watching. Don’t whine and bitch about it, trying to get NBC to take it down. You will fail!

Ultimate Spider-Men aaaarghh

I was pissed when they killed ultimate Peter Parker. I was more pissed how people easily let Peter go, and didn’t care. They are constantly killing of characters, breaking off teams in Ultimate universe, but have no idea how to replace them. New Spider-Man Miles Morales was cool but brought nothing new. He is really smart nerdy kid with good sense of humor, who is responsible and hates injustice.
He IS Peter Parker of different race, nothing new, same ol same.
Now that sales have dropped, the first thing new ultimate spidey has to offer is PETER PARKER. It was cool when he appeared again, but this will probably be clone/alt universe/impostor. Let someone else do the title Bendis, you are tired.