Joker's Amusement Mile

The world is full of fucking ‘why’ people. You tell people something they’ll tell you ‘why’. You throw a rock you’ll hit somebody with ‘why’ like ‘Hey man I want to make a movie’ and they be like ‘Why? Why do you think you can do that, why? Nobody else is doing it, why are you doing it? There is so much fucking ‘why’.

You go out and you find ‘why not’. You surround yourself with ‘why not’. People are just like ‘why not’. Where you are like ‘Hey man I’m gonna try something’ their like ‘Yeah, why not, let’s give it a shot’. People will try to help you do your dreams, make your dreams come true and you do the same for them. We’re all in this together.

It costs nothing to encourage a fucking artist.

You have to make sure that keeps going, to encourage other people. To tell other people it’s worth the shot. Just like Wayne Gretzky said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t make”. It’s always worth the fucking shot.

I’m talking about artsy shit you know writing a blog, making some music, making a movie, making a fucking cupcake store just anything that’s not fucking ‘we must do this because it’s part of my job or this will get me money’. It’s just some shit you just do to see if it can be done.

Live a ‘why not’ life because we are all going to fucking die screaming. So make sure, when you die screaming, you are totally fulfilled. So you know you took all the shot and you went after everything you wanted to or at least tried. Take the shot. The shot is always fucking worth taking.

I took my shot and it’s nothing but pussy and donuts!

And I’m here to tell you go give it a shot. Go out and… try.

— Kevin Smith (Q&A session “Kevin Smith-Burn In Hell”)